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Thursday, August 17, 2017

RA for All Roadshow Visits SCLS [WI] for 2 Days of Training: Day Two- RA Rethink

Today, I am still in the Madison Area. We have an entire day of Intermediate RA Service training planned under the following heading:
RA RETHINK: Join Becky and your area Readers Advisory colleagues for a day of interactive training.  We will rediscoverour love for this core service by assessing our own favorite reads, brush up on our booktalking skills, and end by rethinking what it all means for our patrons right now. Come ready to participate and share. 

We are also going to focus our training on working together as a region, not just staying in our little boxes within our town limits. It is my favorite component to add to any training I give, a chance to let people share their successes and failures AND encourage everyone to keep working together after I leave.

We have a busy day, so let’s get started. Below are all of the details with links for the participants and so anyone can follow along wherever they may be.

Location: Sun Prairie Public Library

9:15-11 am: RA for All: Readers Advisory belongs in every library, no matter its budget. The implementation of this vital service is the responsibility of every staff member-- from pages to directors, from those behind the scenes to the ones on the front lines. This program will remove the mystery behind providing great RA service. Using her “Ten Rules of Basic RA Service” as a guide, Becky Spratford will use your own love of your favorite books to show you how to help any patron find their next great read. It's not as hard as you think. But more importantly, you will learn why a staff that can harness the power of sharing a great read will become a stronger team and improve service to all patrons.

Program follows Becky’s 10 Rules of Basic RA Service
10 Minute Break
11:10 am-12:10 pm: Booktalking: Harnessing the Power of Sharing Books with Patrons: Booktalking is at the heart of what we do with patrons each and every day at the public library. Whether we are sharing books informally at the services desk, presenting a prepared list of books, or posting information online, talking about books is something we do each and every day. It is a core service, but it is also hard to teach. Booktalking is more of an art than a skill, but with the right guidance and some practice, it can go a long way toward engaging your patrons and re-energizing your staff. Join experienced Readers’ Advisory Becky Spratford as she shares the secret behind delivering great book talks, giving you tips and tricks you can begin using right away to hone your own skills. Rediscover the power and joy that comes from sharing books with patrons.

Slides with a BRAND NEW booktalk
12:10 -1:30pm-- Working Lunch. Get your lunch and sit at a table with people you don’t know. Spend an hour eating and networking. Then at 12:40, practice booktalking the title you used in the exercise earlier in the morning or another favorite book, to your colleagues. Becky will provide even more examples during lunch.
10 Minute Break
1:40-3pm: RA Rethink: You can live without a 3D printer, but without readers’ advisory, you’re not doing your job. Readers’ advisory belongs in every library, no matter your budget or size. A robust and modern program that embraces whole collection discovery is one that inspires staff, engages patrons, and builds stronger library communities. Reconnect with this core service and empower staff at all levels to connect users with your collection. RA expert Becky Spratford will offer “rethinks” that will harken back to the basics of this core service and incorporate 21st Century possibilities.

SLIDES [Note: every picture in the presentation links to more information]
15 Minute Break
3:15 to 4:30: Group Discussion of RA Services: Becky will facilitate a discussion between all of you about how service to leisure readers is going at your library. Please bring successes and failures, comments and questions. I want to help you help each other. Let’s all work together to improve service to all of your area’s readers.

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