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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ARRT Genre Unconference-- Ask Me Anything Style Notes Are Ready

As I mentioned here, I was very excited to host what was basically an Ask Me Anything [AMA] type panel at ARRTCon last week. This event proved so popular, and I still have questions we didn’t get to  so I started a new AMA tag here on the blog so I can do this again.

We did a total of 80 minutes between the two sessions.  I have typed up 10 pages of notes on what we discussed and everyone can read them here. You have to click through to read the answers and comments but below I will list the questions we did tackle.  

Finally, you should also bookmark this page where all of the handouts, slides, and notes for every session from ARRTCon will live. Not everything is up yet, but it is coming.

So again, click here for the full 10 pages of my notes and see immediately below for a list of the questions those notes hold the answers to.

  • What is Your Biggest Genre Fear? 
  • What’s Your Favorite Resource for Your Least Favorite Genre
  • How many books do you present a patron with?
  • What Are Your Best Time Saving RA Tips?
  • Good Sources For Readalikes For Very New Books Besides NoveList?
  • I’m a Fraud. There’s So Much I Don’t Know. What Should I Do?
  • What Is The Genre You Wish Was Read More At Your Library? What Are You Doing To Try To Fix This?
  • Does Anyone Still Do Printed Booklists?
  • What Is The Best Way To Train Staff Who Know RA Basics But Lack Confidence? Another question we didn’t get to but was similar and answered here-- When You Become The “Expert” How Do You Empower Others To Try Too?
  • Is There A Resource For Books Containing Violence? Especially Towards Children and Animals.
  • 3 that are similar-- What Do You Do When The Patron Has No Clue What They Want To Read Even After 10 Leading Questions? And How To Handle The “I Like Everything” Patron? Or The Patron Who Wants a “Good Story” But Refuses To Elaborate?
  • How Do You Deal With Impatience and Disappointment When Books Are Not Immediately Available?
  • Fear: Are They Being Creepy Or Do They Really Want To Know More About 50 Shades of Grey?????
  • My Nightmare Situation-- “I Want A Happy Book.”

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