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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Summer Reading Picks

Many resources release Summer Reading Picks. I treat these like annual year end best lists in terms of how to use them as a resource.

Click here to read my post about PW's excellent Summer Reading database and to learn more about how to use best lists as a resource.

As we are heading into the peak Summer Vacation season, I wanted to pass on a few more Summer Reading lists that you can use to help a wide range of readers efficiently and effectively.

Remember, this is the time of year when people tend to make more time for reading, so while "Summer Reads" lists are a great entry point, any vetted and annotated list of books will work. See below for a few options that I use and trust.

These lists are just a start. People are beginning their vacations in earnest starting this week. We need to be ready with suggestions. Get up displays that are wide in their range of offerings. I would especially use the link referenced above for the PW best books and summer reading combined access to have books for every reader both brand new and backlist.

And checkout what the libraries right near you are posting. Combine forces and share lists ["working together is your best resource is another one of my basic rules]. Get displays up in your buildings and online. 

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