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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Booklist Spotlight on Book Discussion Books [with Extra Info From Me] and A Reminder on How to Use Each Spotlight Issue As a Resource

This month Booklist is shining a spotlight on Graphic Novels and Book Discussion Books. I already posted the FREE GN supplement on the blog here

Below I have the Booklist Reader announcement with links to articles and lists for this issue, including the list of the Top 10 Book Group Books from the last 12 months.

To this excellent issue of the magazine, I wanted to add my specific slide for how to identify the best book discussion books and well as the link to the most recent version of my Recharge Your Book Club presentation. Please note, it is about a year old at this point, but it will be getting a refresh in a month as I have a presentation for the TN State Library scheduled

Click here to see the entire presentation
[Update coming late August]

Finally, please don't forget that EVERY issue of Booklist has at least 1 "spotlight" and they repeat annually. This means each issue is an EXCELLENT and updated resource for the format, age level, of genres being featured. Every spotlight is never more than 12 months out of date!

Your best entry to using the magazine as a resource is through The Booklist Reader and it's categorizations and keywords organized into posts with easy backlist access. The Booklist Online portal is best for the most current issue.

You can use this tag, "The Latest Booklist," on The Booklist Reader to pull them up in reverse chronological order at anytime, or you can use the search box to pull up the format, age level, genre, or more that you are interested in at the moment. 

Booklist [again, with search access through the The Booklist Reader] is one of your absolute best RA resources. [Full Stop!]

Below is the text with links from the report on this specific issue which you can also access here:

The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on Book Discussions and Graphic Novels

Our July issue, with an annual spotlight on book discussions, is now live. In it, you’ll find a dynamic top 10 filled with fiction and nonfiction titles to get you and your virtual book club started. Heather Booth collects a list of social-justice focused audiobooksthat offer a jumping-off point for spirited and reflective conversations. The Adult Books editors chime in with an extensive list of nonfiction and fiction titles that address complex current events and will likely animate any book discussion. Booklist reviewer and feature contributor Reinhardt Suarez got a chance to talk with Morgan Matson, author of the recently released Take Me Home Tonight, about the impact of summer reads on younger readers in the current era. Donna Seaman curates a list of read-alikes inspired by the intricate art-crime thriller, The Last Mona Lisa, by Jonathan Santlofer.

Our July issue also marks the biannual spotlight on graphic novels. We are so excited to present the year’s top 10 best graphic novels. Plus, Ronny Khuri sifts through volumes of dazzlingly illustrated graphic readers to present a core collection sure to entice younger readers into the growing graphic novel genre. 

You can also find the complete magazine online! Booklist’s digital edition of the July issue is also live. It’s a great way to explore the magazine from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung Galaxy, or any other internet-connected device. With the digital issue, subscribers will now get print, online, digital, and archival access to the 22 Booklist and four Book Links issues each year! Visit www.booklistonline.com.

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