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Monday, March 21, 2022

Readers’ Advisory + Reader Engagement = Reader Services for Our Times via Library Journal and NoveList

I am getting ready for PLA [leaving later today], and I will have a detailed post about that including my blogging schedule tomorrow, but today, I wanted to send you to a recent article in Library Journal by some of my colleagues at NoveList entitled, "Readers’ Advisory + Reader Engagement = Reader Services for Our Times.

It is behind a paywall, but you get a few articles for free a month, If your library subscribes to LJ [which it probably does], you can set up digital access as well. Today might be a good chance to look into that.

Please read this article because it outlines the 21st century mission of RA Service that I teach. In fact, I have given a talk about this topic with one of the authors here, Autumn Friedli [link to our slides here]. 

This is a great explanation of how you create service to leisure readers that is about conversations, not transaction. 

This article is so important that I will be linking it to my 10 Rules. It outlines the HOW and WHY behind our service to readers through the library.

Finally, if you really cannot read this in any way, let me know and I will send it to you as a PDF. It really is that foundational. 

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