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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Summer Reading Reading Resources via Goodreads and Summer Scares Opportunities

Summer Reading is about to go into full swing. As someone who co-ran an adult Summer Reading program for 15 years, I know that the work for this year's Summer Reading began back in January. But that does not mean you are prohibited from adding more information as you get closer..

Goodreads released their Summer Reading Guide and it is full of lists and you can work the articles into your planned displays very easily. 

From lists of the hottest summer books [which you can use to make readalike lists of backlist titles to read while you wait], guaranteed page turners by genre [a list you ALWAYS need], 100 years of popular books [what a way to spotlight your backlist], and staff picks [a great grab bag of titles new and old]

But my favorite page is the Book Recommendations for Different Types of Summer Readers Lists. This page has categories like "The Adaptation Reader" or "The Riveting Reality Reader" [among many others] that gives you a catchy title an a handful of books ready made for display. 

For any or all of these pages from the Goodreads Summer Reading Guide you can make displays both in your library and online. The short lists with catchy titles allow you to put up a few books anywhere for use them to create special mead posts and encourage patrons to add their titles to fit the category.

One of the biggest mistakes we make at this time of year is our unwillingness to deviate from our summer reading themes. Stop that nonsense. The themes are a great marketing tool and will draw some readers in, but they will not capture everyone. Summer reading is your chance to remind all of your adults that you have more reading options than they ever imagined. Keep things broad. Yes make lists surrounding your chosen theme, but also find ways to market and promote as many titles as possible. 

Speaking of as many titles, don't forget I am one of the people behind Summer Scares and we have lots of ready made lists and programming ideas for you to use at your library. In fact, today on the Horror blog I shared Summer Scares partner-- Syosset Public Library's-- full programming slate, including access for all of you or your patrons.

Head over to the Summer Scares Resource page or today's post. It all starts tomorrow with Summer Scares Spokesperson Alma Katsu, virtually, for free!

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